Dental Prostheses by Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH

Dental prostheses are too often made as merely medical necessary, sufficient and practical provisions. Our dental technology standards are different. We manufacture individual handcrafted dental solutions for dentists and their patients, who request the best possible dental prostheses. This means producing high quality solutions by paying close attention to every single detail.

Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH was awarded the seal of quality by the “Allianz Meisterliche Zahntechnik – QMAZ.”

This certificate binds us to the highest standards of the Medical Devices Act (MPG) and allows only the use of CE-tested materials and QM-tested manufacturing of dental prostheses.

Dental Technology Eco-Label

Zahntechnik Berlin submits to all federal environmental regulations and is bound to continuously decrease its ecological footprint.