Zahntechnik Berlin’s, Vach & Ehlert GmbH open approach towards current analysis, planning and manufacturing processes and tools provide the foundation for excellent provision concepts. Thereby we combine forward-looking methods with classical and conservative craftsmanship.

Functional Diagnostics

The complex treatment of CMD patients, functional disorders that led to dental erosion rely on profound knowledge and experience in diagnostics, analysis and therapeutic options.

3D Implants

Planning success results in safety, aesthetics and satisfaction. Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH has been using 3d imaging for implants for many years. This knowledge is the foundation for providing and manufacturing implant based supra constructions. ZTM Gerrit Ehlert is alumnus of the curriculum “Implant Prosthetics and Dental Technology” of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie im Zahn-, Mund- und Kieferbereich e.V. (DGI). Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH supports you and your patients with computer-exact, precise, three-dimensional implant solutions. The optimal planning strategy is less time-consuming for you while at the time providing complete safety, as well as precise and reliable quality of your treatment. You will have more freedom while treating your patients. As the basis for three-dimensional jawbone models we use DICOM-data from CAT scans oder digital volume tomography. This offers a special time advantage as data can be processed without external help.

DSD - Digital Smile Design

The analysis of the status quo is based on digital photography. It serves the optimization of proportions and axes of the teeth based on known reference lines in proportion to the face as a whole – thereby and by a clear and distinct treatment planning providing consultation, education and motivation for patients.

Complete Prosthodontics and Gutowski

Would you like to start with the proven technique of Gutowski? Next to the professional know-how Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH also provides the complete equipment. 

CAD/CAM Technique and Digital Dental Technology

Digital manufacturing techniques allow Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH to process laboratory data as well as data provided by you. Does your mouth scanner support open SDL data? If yes, Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH will be your process partner in manufacturing.

Hardware and Equipment

You need a Corona-Flex, a Crown-Butler, mounting material, joint support, articulator or ??? We are more than glad to support you.