Our dental service offerings:

Implant Prosthodontics

Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH is a certified dental laboratory specializing in implant prosthodontics and dental technology after DGI (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Implantologie) standards.

Starting with 3D mapping for ideal positioning of single tooth implants to the complex rehabilitation of toothless jawbones on implant systems of your choice.

Solid Ceramics

We offer a complete program of aesthetic front and posterior teeth reconstructions in various materials and manufacturing techniques. From platinum foil to individually hand layered front teeth veneers and part crowns to extensive zirconia frameworks made by CAD/CAM.

Combined Dental Prosthesis

Based on our extensive experience and know-how we manufacture imaginative, delicate and comfortable solutions, especially made from noble metals, zircon and shell.

Digital Dental Technology

The advancements of digital technology in odontology offers both, dentists and laboratories alike, new analyzing, planning and manufacturing tools and plays a major role in Zahntechnik Berlin’s future oriented approach.

Further solutions offered by Zahntechnik Berlin

  • Visualization, consultation and planning guidance through wax-up and mock-up
  • Complete prosthodontics after Prof. Gutowki
  • Therapeutic and temporary provisions
  • Dental splints for different indications
  • Partial dental prostheses from Valplast (flexible, metal free, and monomer free)