ZTM Gerrit Ehlert

Managing Director

After successfully passing the exam as Master Dental Technician and in Business Administration in October 2000 in Hannover he first started working in the Weserbergland. There he deepened his knowledge in conceptual dental technology and business management. Hartmut Vach and Gerrit Ehlert founded Zahntechnik Berlin in 2005 in the heart of Germany’s capital. Gerrit Ehlert is the creative link between dentist, patient, and laboratory. He works with you to find the optimal treatment plan and guarantees its ideal realization through his experience and reliability. The organization of individual treatment plans is his strength.

ZTM Hartmut Vach

General Manager

He brings more than 35 years as a dental technician and Master Dental Technician to Zahntechnik Berlin and is responsible for business operations. As the focus of Zahntechnik Berlin is to strengthen our partner dentists Hartmut Vach’s main area of expertise in dental marketing comes in handy. His company Neo Dental provides numerous interesting and professional solutions from which you, as a Zahntechnik Berlin customer, can benefit.

ZTM Karen Ehlert

After her external master exam in 1999 in Cologne she gathered extensive experience in dental laboratories in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2007 she moved to Berlin where she broadened her field of expertise as head of one of the leading private practice dental laboratories. She joined Zahntechnik Berlin in 2009 and is responsible for the coordination of our in-house process flow. Her emphasis is on bio-aesthetic reconstruction and mandibular stabilization.

ZTM Maria Buchbach

Her special talent for the profession already proved itself when in 2006 she finished her training as a dental technician as national champion. One year later she joined Zahntechnik Berlin where she trained extra-occupationally for the Master Dental Technician exam that she passed successfully in 2010. Her exact and precise working method provides the basis to work in different areas of dental technology and makes her not only as a supervisor a role model for our trainees.

ZTM Jan Watzke

After his training as a dental technician he immediately joined the Meisterschule Berlin and completed his degree as a Master Dental Technician successfully in October 2009. Since 2010 he specializes in implants and combined dental prostheses. The digital world is another of Jan Watzke’s areas of expertise as is his role as supervisor for our trainees.can benefit.


Out team consists only of professionally trained dental technicians, masterminds, with expert eyes for every detail. Enthusiasm for creative work and curiosity at the interface between craftsmanship and digital world is what makes our team strong.