Presentation Suitcase

Feel, hear, taste, and smell: The more senses are catered to the better a patient can really understand the product and its implications for the increase of quality of life. Eight dental prostheses demonstrate different indication solutions and show the outstanding manufacturing quality of Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH. The laboratory offers its partner dentists presentations suitcases as permanent loans.

Information Brochures

Often patients go home empty-handed after a counseling. It is only after a patient understands the dental treatment itself and its differences that he will see a plus in quality of life in a superior grade dental prostheses. The patient would like to know what kind of quality, comfort, aesthetics, and tolerability he gets for what price. It is because decisions about spending large amounts are always made at home in the close circle of family and friends that makes the brochures so valuable. The information brochures for patients are available for the following topics: implants, solid ceramics, combined dental prostheses, prostheses, tight fit prostheses, prophylaxis, splints, “Teeth in Limelight” – Trivia, materials, and dental treatments.


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