Workshops – Knowledge is Key

To be on top of the newest developments in regard to everything that has to do with teeth is as important for the dentist as it is for the dental technician. To be informed about current developments becomes more and more a question of guaranteeing the future for your company. 

Surely you already know Zahntechnik Berlin’s, Vach & Ehlert GmbH wide range of workshops. Recognized experts convey practical knowledge: From marketing workshops to communication training with patients, to state of the art billing methods, to medical and technical innovations.

Our workshop program includes the following current topics:

  • Functional diagnostics
  • 3D-Implant planning
  • Quality management QM
  • Emergency seminars
  • GOZ-, BEB-, BEL-, and BEMA-billing
  • CMD – Craniomandibular dysfunction
  • Patient communication
  • Success stories
  • and much more...