Dentists and Dental Technicians

Your effective partner in dental technology

Today, a dentist needs a strong partner in dental technology, a partner who provides support, advice and speaks the same professional language, in order to achieve the planned result consistently.

Your practice will be even stronger with Zahntechnik Berlin, Ehlert GmbH. Zahntechnik Berlin, Ehlert GmbH offers your practice more than just dental technology. The foundation for business success is an extensive consulting system, which consists of various building blocks.

Various further education courses, training opportunities and marketing instruments support professional and business management foundations in the practice and laboratory.

The conceptual procedure here structures the work sequence in order to implement care solutions for the patient clearly and predictably.

The embedding of constructive collaboration between the practice and dental technology often results for the patient in satisfaction which turns into enthusiasm.


Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH is a member of the leading dental professional associations.

The DGI German Association for Implantology ( and the DGAZ German Association for Aesthetic Dentistry ( provide us with the scientifically-founded basis for our daily work.

Continuous professional training and further education in these areas of specialisation help us to maintain our standards.

Workshops & Seminars for Dentists and Dental Technicians in Berlin

Knowledge is power

Keeping your eye on the ball at all times and a finger on the pulse of development relating to the topic of teeth – that is just as important for the dentist as for the dental technician. Staying informed is becoming a more and more important factor for insuring the long-term viability of the practice and the lab.

Certainly, you have already heard of the extensive range of courses offered by Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH.

Well-known presenters share their practically gained knowledge from training in marketing to communications training with patients, from current modes of billing to medical and technological innovations.


Service & Support

Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH aims to provide comprehensive support for partner dental practices based on market-oriented knowledge. The goal is to strengthen the partners significantly. Shared success here forms the basis for a trusting and collaborative symbiosis. You can expect many customer-friendly services from Berlin Ehlert GmbH which ensure that everything runs smoothly between your practice and the lab. This creates space for you and your team at the practice and provides for efficient, economical work processes.

  • Personal consultation during prosthetic fitting in your practice.
  • Master Dental Technician service on-site.
  • Individual, personal selection of colour and form in the practice and the laboratory.
  • Pleasant customer reception area in the lab with a suitable ambience.
  • Modern patient treatment room in the lab.
  • Professional photo documentation
  • Digital colorimeter
  • Joint process planning
  • Fax form as PDF download for rapid and easy requests for an investment plan (KV)
  • Advanced training and further education opportunities for your practice
  • Consultation system with “tangible” sample dental prostheses and symptom-related patient flyers in the design of your practice
  • Professional marketing tools from logo development to designing a website for your practice
  • Creation of personalised advertising for your practice
  • Patient events on various topics in your practice
  • Creation of advertisements and press releases in your corporate design

Costs & Planning

What should be done? And how much does it cost?

You, as a dental technician, and Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH are partners in questions of investment planning for dental prostheses.

A streamlined, one-page form will be prepared for you so that you and Zahntechnik Berlin can clearly and unequivocally communicate the treatment plan. Here you can conveniently specify all of the cost planning for the patient.

The form is ready for you as a PDF file for downloading and printing using the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Your inquiry will be processed and answered promptly.


The “fixed subsidy calculator” is another helpful planning tool.

Messenger Service

An external courier service is our system partner for high flexibility in logistics. The combination of transportation options from cars to bicycle couriers makes shipping precise and on-time.

The environmentally-friendly use of bike couriers within the city limits underscores the sustainability of our environmental seal.

Our system partner also provides shipping nation-wide in Germany.