Qualified training at Zahntechnik Berlin

The profession as a dental technician is diversified and versatile. It demands a broad theoretical knowledge from different areas such as biology, chemistry, and anatomy. In addition a sound knowledge of the processed materials are of paramount importance in the daily workflow. 

Every single dental product is unique and has nothing in common with industrial mass products. The challenge of a dental technician is to meet the patients’ needs with individual dental solutions. A high level of creativity, feeling for shapes, craftsmanship, and patience are the basis for a successful carrier as a dental technician. Dental technology is a profession, not a job!

Everything needs time

The training to become a dental technician takes 3.5 years. Germany’s dual training system links practical work with theoretical knowledge. Our in-house training plan guarantees that all the necessary skills and knowledge of this complex profession are acquired during the training period. Highest training standards are secured by supervision from five Master Dental Technicians.