We train to ensure that dental technology has a future

Being a dental technician is a particularly cool profession. It is extremely varied and versatile. It’s a profession in which you need a very good feeling for shape, creativity and patience. The computer is likewise an integral part of this profession, as nowadays more and more of the products are designed in a modern lab on the computer and then printed by 3D printers or milled by CNC milling. The combination of craftsmanship and digital ambitions represents the future of this profession. The computer will never replace the dental technician, but it enables ever more new manufacturing possibilities and the processing of new materials. Good dental technicians will always be needed for giving the digitally half-finished products an artistic finish. The dental technician’s task is to fulfil patients’ wishes as far as possible by means of individual dental technology solutions. Being a dental technician isn’t a job, it’s a profession – a vocation. A sense of aesthetics and a commitment to producing something attractive is one of the prerequisites for doing this work. Every single product created by a dental technician is unique and has nothing whatever to do with industrial, mass-produced goods.