Our training philosophy

Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH stands for top-quality dentures. Training young people is therefore a special priority for us. The training period for the profession of dental technician is 3.5 years. The dual training system used in Germany creates a bridge between practical work and theoretical knowledge. Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH makes several training places available – one to two places for each training year. The profession of dental technician is extremely dynamic and multifaceted and offers many different products that can be specialised in later on. However, digitisation is changing the profession at an ever-faster pace. Nowadays it’s not only important to have a good feeling for shape, an applicant should also be creative and patient. At Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH, the training is very well organised. The trainees always have a contact person who’s responsible for the training. The high level of training is maintained through the support of five master dental technicians. This ensures that the trainees really come into contact with all the techniques that this great profession offers – because the dental technician of the future will not only learn how to make the wide range of products “by hand”, but also digitally on the computer.