Zahntechnik "Made in Germany"

German dental technology is one of the world’s industry leaders for good reasons. The dual training system is worldwide unique and provides a qualified education and a high level of expertise and combined with German reliability and precision leads to worldwide-recognized premium quality. In Germany dental solutions are manufactured with handcrafted precision instruments that are unknown in other countries as for example the very long-lasting telescope prostheses. Dental prostheses should have a sustainable long-term approach and should be durable and anticipate future needs. All of these factors combined are what make dental prostheses made in Germany standout and worth its price. It is no accident when dental prostheses fit perfectly, look beautifully,and last for years. This is the result of the proven collaboration between your dentist and Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH -  the premium dental laboratory in Germany’s capital.