Service for our patients

For some dental treatments a visit to Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH is not only reasonable but also more efficient for you as a patient as well as for your dentist. Our versatile staff and state of the art treatment facilities make sure that we welcome you in the same professional environment as you are used to from your dentist.

Top aesthetic performance takes time and we are pleased to make the time for you. Furthermore many patients wonder where and by whom there dental prostheses are made and we are more than happy to show them our laboratory and introduce them to our staff. This leads to additional trust and emphasizes the value of each individual product.

Treatment facilities

A classy well-equipped treatment office in which patients can relax and dental technicians can focus on optimal treatment.

Tooth color

Every tooth color is unique. Through a process of personal color selection, matching, and consultation regarding form and figuration of dental prostheses the highest level of individuality is guaranteed. We are pleased to fit the teeth in the laboratory before your dentist's appointment. This is where the patients and we take the final step together.

Fine tuning

Smaller adjustments and corrections of dental prostheses can be made locally with our state of the art equipment that provides optimal treatment.

Masterly consultation

We are happy to advice patients free of charge, comprehensively and in detail about up-to-date dental prostheses. Multiple samples of dental prostheses for various treatments as well as the corresponding brochures are available.