Dental prostheses from Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH

All too often, dental prostheses are fabricated as medically necessary, practical devices, adequate for their purpose but not much else. Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH has higher standards. Our laboratory makes personalised dental technology by hand for dentists and their patients who want the best possible dental prosthetic care.

In this case, quality means essentially devoting attention to every detail.

Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH holds the Quality Seal of the “Allianz Meisterliche Zahntechnik – QAMZ” (Alliance of Master Dental Technicians)

This certificate obligates us to comply with the strict standards of the European Ordinance for Medical Products and assures you and your patients that we will. Only CE-tested materials will be processed, in compliance with the ordinance.


Environmental Seal for Dental Technology

Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH is the proud holder of the “The Environmental Seal of Approval for Dental Technology”, and complies with all legal environmental regulations and is committed to improving continuously its operational environmental performance.

Our range of dental technology

Implant prosthetics

Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH is a certified specialised laboratory and its main focus is on implant prosthetics and dental technology compliant with the guidelines of the DGI, the German Association for Implantology.

Starting with 3-D planning for ideal positioning of implants for single-tooth implants to complex rehabilitation of a jaw without teeth, to the implant system of your choice.


Fully ceramic

A comprehensive programme of aesthetic front and side tooth reconstructions made of various materials using different manufacturing processes. From individual, hand-coated front tooth veneers on platinum leaf to pressed inlays and partial crowns to extensive frame structured dental prostheses

We routinely fabricate imaginative, graceful and comfortable constructions, especially telescopic crowns, with techniques using precious and non-precious metals, using our wealth of experience and working with zirconium dioxide from our own CAD/CAM fabrication system.



Digital dental technology

The development of digital technology in dental care in the practice and in the laboratory provides the best options for analysis, planning and fabrication. Zahntechnik Berlin no longer views digital fabrication as the technology of tomorrow, but as the standard for today.


Other topics in dental technology which Zahntechnik Berlin emphasises.

  • Planning assistance with wax-up and mock-up
  • Visualisation
  • A great way to help you choose what is right for you.
  • Therapeutic/temporary care such as table tops, crowns, and bridges made of high-performance polymers.
  • Splints for various indications
  • Partial tooth replacement made of Valplast (flexible/metal-free/monomer-free)
  • Total prosthetics using the Prof. Gutowski method


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The openness with which Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH engages the newest technologies and innovations stands for modern dental technology and for the future.


Function diagnostics

Gathering, allocating, understanding and processing information - that is our pathway to form-fitting, functioning dental prosthetic care.

In addition to the dental diagnostics, a dental technical analysis is carried out using various instruments. Zahntechnik Berlin offers the Plane System and the opportunity of measuring joints using a solid base provided by Zebris.

In addition, an individual analysis of the entire “human” system should be carried out in order to generate the largest possible pool of information before the supply phase.

The collected data/information then form our individual specification for the creation of long-lasting, form-fitting and aesthetic dental prosthetic care.


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