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Zahntechnik Berlin, Ehlert GmbH – A Company with Highest Standards

We love working with people and striving to identify their needs.

We live out our profession diligently, passionately, with dedication and joy.

First-class quality, extensive, personal support in advising and treatment, trust, reliability and mutual respect and, last but not least, optimum organisation of each step in the process are all reasons for choosing dental solutions with Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH.


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We strive to establish relationships of trust with our customers, which then develop both fairly and collaboratively. This makes it possible to approach the needs of our customers with great flexibility, implementing individual decisions and putting them into action in the short term.

What counts are our many, satisfied and enthusiastic customers and patients. That is especially important to us and remains our greatest success to this day.


Contact person at Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH

Master Dental Technician Gerrit Ehlert


As a Master dental technician and Business administrator, he has developed well-grounded skills in dental technology design and business management. Mr. Vach and Mr. Ehlert founded Zahntechnik Berlin, Vach & Ehlert GmbH together in 2005, in the heart of the capital. Gerrit Ehlert forms the creative connection between the practice, patient and laboratory. On request, he will work with you to determine the optimum treatment pathway and assure the solution you discussed thanks to his experience and dependability. Designing personalised treatment concepts is his strength. He has been the sole owner and Managing Director of Zahntechnik Ehlert GmbH since 2022.


Master Dental Technician Karen Ehlert

Following the external examination for the Master’s certificate in 1999 in Cologne, she gathered extensive experience as a dental technician in North Rhine-Westphalia. In 2007, her professional career brought her to Berlin, where she initially took over the laboratory management at a leading private practice and enthusiastically expanded her range of skills there. Since 2009, her work at Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH has encompassed the coordination of in-house processes. Her focus in dental technology is aesthetic reconstruction taking functional considerations into account. Together with the patients, she analyses and develops the pathway to optimum treatment results.


Master Dental Technician Jan Watzke

In October 2009, Mr. Watzke successfully completed the examination for the Master’s certificate and since 2010 he has been entrusted with the production of complex dental technology solutions. Digital production is his technical foundation here. He is responsible for representing the business management.


Master Dental Technicians Ivonne Freiberger

Since 2001, Ms. Freiberger has specialised in the field of ceramic-aesthetic treatments. The experience she gained in Cologne in the period from 2005-2017 is highly valuable and since 2018 she has been sharing her well-founded skills in our company’s in-house know-how transfer. Her direct contact with patients assures perfect individual results.


Our team

The team at Zahntechnik Berlin

Only trained dental technicians work in our team, smart people with a trained eye for detail. Their enthusiasm for creative work and curiosity in the area of tension between hands-on craftsmanship and the digital world makes our team strong together.