Service for our patients

Beautiful teeth

A self-confident smile

Safety and quality in products from dental technology Berlin Ehlert GmbH. The value of beautiful teeth and high-quality dental prosthetics.

Flawless smiles, speaking and chewing without problems - these are things that cannot be limited to any specific age. When it comes to dental prostheses, you would do well to set high standards. Your new teeth should not just fulfil their function, but also be able to withstand stresses, last long and look natural. Your health and quality of life are very important to us. Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH offers a wide variety of high-quality care options which go hand-in-hand with the highest possible degree of function and aesthetics.

By means of detailed analysis and professional planning, we are able to visualise your new teeth for you and help you make a decision.

We fabricate dental technology products with the most modern technology - carefully, with passion and with dedication and joy in our profession.

Dental technology – Made in Germany

German dental technology is among the world leaders. This is no coincidence. Our dual education system is unique in the world and provides for highly-qualified training, in which well-founded professional expertise, as well as manual skills and digital competencies are taught. Combined with the famed “German precision and reliability”, this leads to the top quality recognised world-wide. Dental prostheses should be made with a sustainable, long-term approach, planned to be durable and expandable. All of this makes the German dental prostheses what they are. That is why dental prostheses from Germany are worth what they cost.

It is no coincidence that your dental prostheses fit perfectly, look great and last for many years. This is the result of a proven cooperation between your dentist and Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH- the premium laboratory in the capital.

Service for our patients

To ensure that patients at Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH feel just as well looked after as they do in their usual dental practice, well-trained specialist staff will also be happy to welcome you professionally in the laboratory as part of your dental prosthesis treatment. This saves time, helps to relieve the practice and ensures a perfect product. In many projects, it makes sense to see the patient personally in the laboratory. We are glad to take the time, because this makes the best possible performance and enthusiasm possible. Additionally, a lot of patients find it interesting to learn where and by whom their dental prostheses are made. This generates additional trust and underscores the value of the individual product.


Jede Zahnfarbe ist individuell.

Tooth colour

Each tooth colour is individual. A personal colour choice and discussion of form and shape of the dental prostheses in the laboratory assures a highest possible degree of personalisation.

We will be pleased to make a “fitting appointment” in the laboratory to fit your teeth before actually putting them in at the practice. Here we take the time to carry out fine-tuning until we achieve the desired result.



Precision adjustment

Set-up work, corrections and fine adjustments of your dental prostheses can be done on-site. Here at Zahntechnik Berlin Ehlert GmbH, our very modern equipment offers you the best options.


Meisterliche Beratung

We are pleased to offer patients free, comprehensive and detailed consultation on the options available in modern dental prostheses. We have numerous sample prostheses for various solutions and the related flyer materials that you can take home with you.